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Rumor Roundup: Is a Monsters Inc. World Coming to Kingdom Hearts 3?

Plus, is a Frozen world on the way? Will Riku be a playable character?

‘Spellbound’ looks to be the Perfect Combination of Stardew Valley & Harry Potter

Starbound dev and Stardew Valley publisher, Chucklefish studios title their latest development ‘Spellbound’, and refer to it as a cross between Stardew Valley and Harry Potter. 

Pokemon Company Reveals 2018 Legendary Mystery Gift Download Dates

“Celebrate a year of the most powerful Pokémon with Legendary Pokémon distributions, Pokémon TCG collections, and more!” –Official Pokemon YouTube

20 Highly Anticipated Games to Watch Out for This Year

2018 has some big titles that could end up being literal game changers for the year. Here is a breakdown of those to look forward to.

Goku Black Joins the Fight in Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Trailer

The mysterious villain from the popular Dragon Ball Super manga/anime joins DBFZ with a vicious set of combo moves and devastating techniques that are sure to leave your opponent in pieces. 

Nintendo Social Media Teases Upcoming Secret, Possible Nintendo Direct Event

Nintendo fans (us included) are foaming at the mouth as Nintendo teases something special, leading many to speculate a possible Direct event later this week.
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