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Live-Action Pokemon Film Finds Lead Actor

Detective Pikachu gets its leading man.

Battlefront II has a Cooldown on Earning Credits, EA Allegedly ...

The controversial choices by EA are worse than once thought, limiting the amount of credit a player can earn each day.

TMNT Arrive in Next Injustice 2 DLC Pack

Cowabunga?!?! The mean green fighting machines are the latest to crossover into the hit DC fighting game. 

EA’s Community Manager Slams Community over Battlefront II Pay-To-Win Microtransaction ...

Mat Everett from EA calls community “arm chair developers” after the massive outcry from gamers over the heavy microtransaction focus in the upcoming Star Wars title. 

Jade Rabbit, Telesto, Graviton Forfeit +More D1 Exotics Return in ...

Destiny 2’s first DLC expansion introduces legendary Guardian Osiris, classic D1 Exotics, and much, much more. 

Aunt May, Miles Morales, MJ, and More join Peter Parker ...

Peter Parker has a positive outlook on the city, but what happens when he must take on Mr Negative? (not sorry)
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